Andrea McQuay
Department of Environmental Management

“I envy all of you going to work every day in such a beautiful place – my office in Boston can’t even begin to compare. The backdrop of the mountains added so much to the training experience. In addition, the food and lodging were top notch and vastly exceeded all expectations.”

Connie & John Dicus
Cornerstone Consulting Associates

“As we’ve seen time after time in our work, having the best technology, or the most streamlined manufacturing process isn’t worth much without the human factor. Thank you again.”

Michael Sommer
The Berkshire Gas Company

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased we were with the accommodations and service our group recently received at Jiminy Peak. From the overnight accommodations to the quality of the food, Jiminy definitely provided our group with first-class service.”

Elizabeth Mordaszewski
Family Gathering

“We must tell you that we are very grateful to your whole staff for the tremendous job they did to help with our family gathering. Your staff was always friendly and most cooperative, even when I began to stress.”

Michael Prindle
Warner Chilcott, Inc.

“A very unique setting that allowed me to get my employees away from all distractions.”

Donna Devlin-Young

“When I began my search for possible sites for our upcoming conference it was very clear that our unique constituency called for a unique and flexible site at which to hold our meetings. The onus for that flexibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the person with whom I need to partner at the site. We selected Jiminy because they understand our needs and made us feel confident that our meeting would be successful.”

Cindy Salzer
Tommy Hilfiger

Your sales staff was friendly and always helpful. I felt like everything was in control even when my group was constantly making changes. The staff handled everything professionally and efficiently.”

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