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With Leadership Innovations At Jiminy Peak,
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The Value Of Team Work

If you are putting together a business meeting or group outing in Massachusetts here’s a fun, unique, cost-effective and proven winner – every time out. Leadership Innovations is a specialized program – including the 24 element Ropes Course – located in Massachusetts at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort and Village Conference Center. With Leadership Innovations, you’ll be giving your staff a whole new sense of spirit, a new pride in working together as a team and an overall experience that they’ll never forget. As for your company, the benefits to the bottom line will be immediately obvious. Your team will begin to display far more productivity, increased self-confidence and enhanced communication skills that will go far beyond your wildest expectations. And that means everybody’s a winner, not just the people taking the course.

Leadership Innovations provides your team with specially designed challenges that reflect the realities people face on a daily basis. Your team will be given the tools they need to have fun while working towards solving problems and developing and enhancing all aspects of being a team member. Join a growing list of leading companies from all over the nation who are already seeing the positive results of this dynamic program for themselves. Isn’t it time your work team discovered teamwork through Leadership Innovations? Let us customize a program just for you. Give us a call today and we’ll show you how easy it is. Take the challenge, and watch your winners grow!

Leadership & Team Building Programs at Our Massachusetts Resort

Our 24-element ropes course will provide your team with new solutions to the problems and challenges they face. Leadership Innovations offers several dynamic programs, both indoor and outdoor, customized to meet the specific needs of your group. These include team building exercises, communication skills workshops and leadership training.

Select the program that meets your needs and watch as your Work Team begins to get the most out of Team Work!

With Leadership Innovations we make your team feel right at home by designing programs to meet your individual needs. From a pre-program consultation, to a “tee-up” session to prepare participants, everything is covered and together a winning program is developed for your team. Our mature and highly trained facilitators, who have degrees in areas such as business, education and psychology, will also put together a wrap-up session with written comments at the conclusion of the program.

Leadership Innovations has proven time and time again to be far more effective than traditional classroom or motivational speaker type training program. To us, trust building and trust relationships are the vital concepts behind creating an environment where people work best. Let us help bring your team together – it’s a fun way to watch your people grow and the results will exceed expectations. Discover Leadership Innovations today at the Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort in the Berkshires of Massachusetts!

The First Step To Success is focused on partnering and team challenges. It enhances group interaction, improves communication, builds trust and demonstrates how to work as an effective team member. It is suitable for groups of 8-200 and can range from half-day to 1 1/2 day sessions. Available year-round.

High Road To Results is more comprehensive, adding the dimension of personal challenge to all of the features in First Step. Easily coupled with other training, this program can be tailored for groups of 8-50 and is designed to run from 1 1/2 to 2 days.

Finding New Direction is an orienteering program in which self-managed teams focus on decision-making and consensus building. For groups of 8-45, running 1 to 2 days.

Leadership Coaching is the most important factor in effective teamwork. We have created our programs specifically to help your managers and top executives assess their strengths and weaknesses. We then coach them to make a difference in their effectiveness. Suitable for various sized groups, 3 full days for initial program with follow-up.

These and other programs can be developed for your group. Call (413) 738-5500, ext. 3010, for more information or to request a free video.

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