Here’s some tips for your first day on the slopes.
All GETSkiing packages at Jiminy Peak are sold at the GET desk in the Doc Maynard building. Beginner classes go out at 9am 11am and 1:30pm

Dress COMFORTABLY and in layers
If you can, leave the jeans at home and borrow snow pants from a friend. A ski-type jacket is also a great idea. Here’s a list of other good things to wear or bring with you:
A HAT is very important
Goggles or Sunglasses
Long underwear
Only one pair of socks
A turtleneck and/or neck gaiter – scarves can become loose and get in the way
Water-resistant or water proof mittens or gloves
Sweater or Polar Fleece pullover

Take a Lesson! Don’t Let Your Friend Teach You to Ski
You wouldn’t let an amateur perform a root canal on you, so why let a friend try to teach you to ski? That’s what professional ski instructors are for. Think of ski classes as shortcuts to proficiency and fun.

Children Get Their Own Special Classes and Play Time
Jiminy Peak offers special classes and day care programs for youngsters 12 & under. More information about SKIWee can be found in the SKIWee brochure 

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